• CCF catalogueMay 2006, individual exhibition in French Cultural Center in Belgrade, “The Last Arameans”. Exhibition lasted for 5 weeks (instead of 2 weeks) due to popular demand
  • SASA PETROVIC UTOCISTE FILOZOFAJune 2009, joint exhibition with Sasa Petrovic, academic painter, in Student Cultural Center in Belgrade, “Philosopher’s Haven”
  • SASA PETROVIC UTOCISTE FILOZOFAMarch 2010, joint exhibition with Katarina Bunusevac, academic painter, Cultural Center of Sabac, “Still Life”
  • SASA PETROVIC UTOCISTE FILOZOFANovember 2011, group exhibition, 5 visual artists, Cultural Center of Lazarevac,”Re-Interpretation of the Body”